When it comes to our clients’ inactive wells, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. As a core service line, we provide passionate, experienced and knowledgeable experts throughout the process. We provide professional services including project coordination, consistently successful execution and high-level management. Along with specialized equipment and cutting edge technology, we utilize proven methods to execute all aspects of the end-of-life well/facilities/lease and access program. Our solutions are tailored to meet our clients’ specific project needs while minimizing the cost of their inactive well programs and abandonment options.

When a well reaches the end of its producing life, operators must safely abandon these wells in accordance with regulations. Well abandonment programs include designing and engineering a well bore abandonment program that includes any or all of the following:

  • Installation or removal of all downhole tools
  • Running scrapers and/or gauge rings inside the wellbore
  • Logging, perforating for remedial work and /or zonal abandonment
  • Hydraulically isolating porous formations
  • Cementing the wellbore as required, ending with surface abandonment (cut and cap)
  • Disposal and/or recycling of the wellhead
  • Removal of all risers, pipelines and surface equipment
  • Surface land left to be reclaimed to its original state

Our in-house project teams are experienced and fully capable to provide service to our clients through all stages of end-of-life activity: suspension, abandonment, remediation and final reclamation. For each phase, we collaborate with our clients to develop both the project plan and the specific well program design. Contact us to start the conversation. 


  • In House LLR and Compliance Management
  • Low, medium, and high risk inspections, along with DDS submissions
  • Well classification to determine frequency of site inspections
  • Environmental inspections and monitoring
  • Surface casing vent flow testing
  • Gas migration testing and repair
  • Packer isolation testing
  • Groundwater protection and porous zone isolation
  • Downhole suspension – permanent and temporary


SECURE’s Regulatory Compliance and Well Abandonment services team understands the value in finding innovative processes and cost saving opportunities when working with inactive wells, suspended wells and wells slated for abandonment. Comprehensive knowledge and efficient management of the entire end-of-life cycle of a well enables us to bundle Environmental, Abandonment and Equipment services and reduce overall costs.

  • Phase I EIA
  • Environmental planning, inspection, monitoring and assessments
  • Site specific infrastructure assessments including tank and equipment washing
  • Downhole abandonment: gas migration/vent flow repair, zonal isolation, remedial cementing             
  • Facility abandonments
  • Pipeline abandonments
  • Engineered well bore abandonments and programming
  • Project management and execution of all aspects of the project 
  • Well head cut and cap
  • Removal of infrastructure
  • Asset recovery/recycling
  • Class 1b waste water disposal

Our Remediation & Reclamation Assessment team is focused on providing technical expertise and project management services to ensure you are meeting your corporate goals and regulatory compliance. Our services include planning and coordinating with third parties for locating utilities, geotechnical and engineering investigations as well as adhering to regulatory and government standards while safely excavating, remediating and reclaiming areas of need. 


  • Phase II and III EIA
  • Site visits and sampling/testing
  • Site remediation
  • Soil and surface water treatment
  • Class II landfill solids disposal
  • Waste container services
  • NORMs management
  • Fluids management/disposal


  • Technical assessments
  • Site visits and sample testing
  • Site reclamation and access removal
  • Re-countouring of site or lease and access
  • Final DDS submission
  • Reclamation certificate applications